Jeffrey R. Dion, Executive Director, National Compassion Fund

Jeffrey Dion

Jeffrey Dion, Executive Director of the National Compassion Fund has championed crime victims’ rights for more than two decades. Dion began advocating for victims at the age of 14, when in 1982 his 23-year-old sister, Paulette, was murdered by a serial killer. He went on to pursue a career in law to help other crime victims. In honor of his sister’s memory, Mr. Dion lobbied the Virginia General Assembly, resulting in 13 victims’ rights bills being enacted into law. He joined the National Center in 1998 and also heads its affiliate, the National Crime Victim Bar Association. He is a nationally recognized expert with strong ties to direct service providers and leaders in the field of victim services. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, Mr. Dion also serves on the Board of Directors of his local rape crisis center and is a former board member and current advisory council member for the National Association to Prevent Sexual Abuse of Children.

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